ISPS & ICET Gecertificeerd      




PF Security provides a wide range of services that guarantee a measurable result and a positive impact on your ISPS obligations.

Nautical Legal Advisor

Giving nautical advice sounds simpler than it actually is. We have a specialized nautical advisor ISPS who can support you with nautical questions. But we can also assist you in nautical legal disputes.

Underwater drone (ROV)

For example, there may be serious suspicions that an incoming ship, on the underwater vessel, means or goods are located that do not belong there and can be seen as contraband or unwanted attributes.

We are therefore in possession of an ROV (underwater drone) with which we can support various services on the water.

We support with our vessels in

  • Port Security and Terminal Security Forms
  • Emergency support & water accidents (ICET certified)
  • Environmental control and sampling of surface water
  • Diving and salvage work
  • Wet Contractor (working in port areas)
  • BOA Services
  • Enforcement & Supervision
  • Customs and Police Services
  • Port services
  • Rijkswaterstaat