ISPS & ICET Gecertificeerd      



Since the international ISPS code and European regulation in 2004, you as a company are obliged to take various maritime security measures. Port security is necessary to maintain international and European regulations. 

The ISPS code applies to all shipping and port industries. Once you are active in an international port, including on or off the waterway, you are covered by this international code and your company must comply with these strict security requirements, or you can hire an ISPS security company, such as PF Security, to comply with the international ISPS port security code. 

We supply specially equipped vessels, including skippers, which are used by PF Security for surveillance services on and over the water. 

The International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code) is an amendment to SOLAS that describes the minimum requirements related to ship, port facilities and government agency security.


In order to be able to secure port areas on and over the water, a number of strict legal requirements and conditions must be met. This applies to both the security officers, the security company and the vessels to be used.  

Our vessels meet all these legal requirements and conditions, which are manned with a skipper, any boarding and certified ISPS security officers.

Our cooperating partner, PF Security from Dordrecht, is a renowned security company, which is in possession of an ND number, issued by the Ministry of Justice and a certificate International Ship and Portfacility Security (ISPS) and other necessary and additional certificates such as an ICET certificate large-scale calamities. 

PF Security hires our vessels with skipper, to offer mobile surveillance services on and over the water as a specialized security company in port security. This allows PF Security to carry out the security and supervisory activities in and around the international ports.